Uniting Purpose-Driven Business with Influential Voices

Kai Lenny, Wes Carter
Business/Entrepreneurship, Community Building, Leadership/Activism

Underneath the current wave of social change is the fusion between business leaders in the private sector and passionate voices that help steer culture. Athletes are seeking out businesses that align with their views and are active in the spaces they are passionate about. Governmental policy isn’t working at the rate in which we need to save the planet and that’s why the private sector is linking hands with influential people that are passionate about the spaces they exist and work in.

Hear from Wes Carter, President of Atlantic Packaging and founder of A New Earth Project, and Kai Lenny, professional surfer, as they discuss the changing tide that’s fusing influential athletes, artists, and cultural leaders together with purpose-driven businesses to advocate for the future of people and planet.

Speakers include:
— Kai Lenny - Professional Big Wave Surfer
— Wes Carter - Atlantic Packaging, President

Presented by A New Earth Project.

This session was released during The Summer Summit, Sept. 13-15, 2022.


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