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For three days on the shores
THE FUTURE OF Placemaking,
Space Tech, AND INNOVATIve
This is not your traditional gathering. Join forces with incredible people with distinct perspectives, working and playing together to create effective relationships in and outside of your industry, all while unlocking new ways of thinking, expanding your perspective, and activating mind, body and spirit.

The Sessions

A dynamic series of off-the-record experiences that start before the gathering and resonate far beyond, designed to ignite creativity, problem-solve toward solutions, and build effective (and unlikely) relationships.
See Change Sessions is a life changing experience — incredibly enriching, thought provoking, and passion filled.”


Pick a content track. Connect with your crew—a versatile group of ~50 curated experts, advisors, and contributors. Dive into briefing materials to prepare for the mission ahead.


Experience non-traditional sessions ranging from design-thinking workshops, thought-provoking think tanks, shared meals, collaborative projects, and outdoor experiences all purposefully designed to unlock innovative thinking, build leadership skills, and create effective relationships.


Culminate your work with a publicly released report that you can help co-author, and participate in virtual follow-up gatherings that allow you to continue to explore the topic.
Crafting community is at the heart of every See Change and with Vermont’s hyper-local mentality & lifestyle, it makes for the perfect location to better understand our neighbors and fellow innovators. For 3 jam-packed days in the snowy mountains of VT, treat your brain to carefully curated workshops, roundtables, & talks and your body & soul to movement & music sessions, local food, & other experiences all thoughtfully designed to (re)connect with yourself and your new crew.
We bring together distinct points-of-view (via industry, experience, culture, political bent, and more) to challenge each other, rethink how our world is built, and reimagine what’s possible. Sit in a sauna with someone across the aisle from you. Tune into a talk on a topic you might not agree with. Be the mediator & thinker. Listen to and be heard by this amazing crew on the fringe of innovation.
The challenges are endless, and we’ve narrowed down a few topics that we’re covering in February namely outer space, rural development, and the blue economy. Let’s get curious together and ponder questions like: What’s the connection between outer space and our planet? What if the ocean is the secret ingredient to stabilizing the climate? And, how will climate refugees' migration affect rural places like the North East?

The Tracks



Designing & Building Environments with Purpose




A Bright & Bold Future for Space Tech




Synergistic Solutions for Better Products


An experience like no other

Unique physical & sensory experiences, hands-on labs, and meaningful opportunities are the secret sauce for human connection. This is not just an event; it's an immersive experience. Create indelible memories, expand your network, understand new perspectives, and enjoy transformational growth. It has elements of summer camp, but with interesting and passionate grown folks. It'll be different from any event you've experienced before. And that's a good thing.

Designed for impact

Important (and necessary) things happen when worlds collide and echo chambers are shattered. This is what we thrive on! Join leaders and experts driving initiatives, projects, and businesses aimed at creating a healthier and happier world. Experts convene to listen to students, curious minds, scientists, and creatives, proposing solutions to universal challenges. Prepare to learn, rediscover, and draw inspiration from unexpected places.


People make it happen

Encounter people from all walks of life embracing many industries, disciplines, ages, races, genders, and perspectives. There are no green rooms here — everyone dines together, immerses in indoor & outdoor mind & body experiences (think saunas, campfires, musical performances), participates in think tanks, makes art, and talks about what matters most to them. Because we’re all human here. Meet new leads, prospects, business opportunities but above all, forge lasting friendships.

IYKYK. Prepare to learn, rediscover, and draw inspiration from unexpected places in engaging and accessible activities at a top secret location. Start your journey by connecting with a close-knit group made up of mostly expert guides, advisors, and other key leaders from across the three tracks. The sessions on Adventure Day prepare you for the following two days of the gathering. Unpack meaningful conversations and talk about what truly matters to you. Because we’re all human here.
HULA – a stunning coworking campus situated on the shores of Lake Champlain–is where we explore just how interconnected each theme is. By the end of your time with us you’ll realize that to solve any one of the problems we face, we need to find the humanity in each other to understand just how connected everything (and everyone) is. Transcend routine. Work outside your comfort zone. Make time to move, connect & reflect.
Join Us

The Crew

150 attendees. 50 per track. Most curated in advance. Space is very limited. The people that have attended past gatherings range from founders to students, executive directors of nonprofits to VCs, philanthropists, creative thinkers and doers of all shapes and sizes and so much more. The magic comes from the diversity of the lived experiences, cultures & skills of our community.

Gather Differently

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