Join us! Reach out through the form below and we’ll set up a meeting to talk. Stay tuned for big announcements about the February sessions at Hula and our TBA Adventure Day location.

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This isn’t your typical event. It's an immersive experience that connects you to a crew of change-focused leaders in business & culture that share a commonality — a desire to connect with fresh perspectives and new ideas.
Innovation stalls when connections break down between people, industries, and communities. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that we’re more productive when we work together. Houston, we have a solution!
Join a dynamic, multidisciplinary lineup of business leaders, thinkers, creatives, and innovative wildcards for carefully curated labs, outdoor adventures, workshops, talks, and creative experiences designed to open your mind and build powerful bonds.
Come curious. Come open. Leave changed.
The feeling & impact reverberating throughout are really unlike any other conference. I'm coming away with many new, deep connections.”
For 3 jam-packed days among the snowy mountains and frozen lakes of Vermont, prepare your brain for sessions that dive into some of the most pressing issues on Earth. Treat your body to movement, music, art, sport, mindful relaxation, and nourishing local food (in true Vermont style). Fall into new connections with incredible people, and let a purpose-crafted community feed your soul. The Vermont way of life is calling your name.
You’ll connect with distinct points-of-view (via industry, experience, culture, political bent, and more) that intentionally challenge each other so that we can rethink how our world is built and reimagine what’s possible. Melt in a sauna with someone across the aisle from you. Hear inspiring stories on an early morning hike from the legends who created them. Discover how high-level, world-changing organizations make shit happen over dinner & drinks (and maybe a bit of dancing?).
In February, you’ll take on three primary themes that we’ll all dig into with luminary thinkers from around the world. Prepare your brain to tackle: the developing space industry; innovations in rural development; and the blue economy. Let’s get curious together and ponder questions like: How do we move beyond geopolitical challenges and work together on new space ventures? Can satellites help us pioneer better land management? What secrets does the ocean hold that can help stabilize the climate? How will the migration of climate refugees affect rural economies and vice versa?
Connections are stronger when made through shared experiences. Adventure Day serves as an incubator for unexpected connections with a smaller, intimate crew of lab-leaders and partners. Stay tuned for exciting announcements about our next Adventure Day location & experiences.
The entire group convenes at our next location: Hula. Before it was transformed into a lakeside coworking campus, Hula was the former site of the Blodgett Oven Factory which helped shape Burlington’s industrial development. Decades later, this same location is fueling the city’s tech sector and is the perfect setting to foster new connections — both personal and professional. Hula is an ideal location to bridge the gap between the old and the new, the past and the future.


Registration is currently only available via invitation. If you’re interested in joining, we invite you to fill out the form below to get in contact with our team. We’d love to learn more about you, let you in on exciting new developments about See Change, and work together to figure out the best way for you to participate and join the crew — we’ve got options! Financial accessibility is key to making sure the event is equitable for all adventurous minds. Underwriting support is available — please let us know if you’d like more information about our equity program.

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We start the day together with a grounding mindful activity, family breakfast and indubitably, coffee –– lots and lots of coffee! Come mid-morning, we roll into lab content and heady hosted convos with refreshing interstitials peppered throughout before an afternoon full of experiences like lake plunges + sauna rituals, experiential art installations, and outdoor adventures. After we’ve adventured, we rejoin as a group to listen to talk sessions and head into the evening with happy hours, movie nights, + family dinners.


Definitely not for the crisp air + big mountains, or the incredible products that our sugar boilers, bread pros, vegetable tamers, cheese magicians, and beer geniuses make. And not for the burgeoning tech and impact investment scene. Or the deep sense of community. Or ABSOLUTELY not for the thriving winter sports scene and environmental stewardship. Was that helpful? Did we answer the question?


The labs are think tank style workshops with 40+ participants designed to bring folks together to talk through new ideas, get connected, and find resources about specific industries. For February, we are focusing on outer space, rural development, and the blue economy. Each Lab will put you at the center of the action where you'll meet the leaders of incredible organizations, learn from their journeys, get inspired by their work, and participate in collaborative roundtables.


Nah, you’re good but leave your business suit at home (do bring your swimsuit!).


We have discounted rooms available at some incredible hotel options. Hit us up at to inquire about those discount codes.