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Events that inspire + crazy ideas that make you think big + tools that help you do better work. Sign up for new stories and conversations (and probably a few arguments) about sustainability, climate action, wellness, the future of materials, equality, new energy solutions, the connection between you & your environment, and more — you know, the GOOD STUFF.


New to the climate action movement but ready to make moves? Been in the movement for years and ready to connect with new people? Get the f*#k in here! ]See Change smashes together CEOs, investors, marketers and directors — athletes, artists and storytellers — visionary entrepreneurs — rookies & students — and everyone in between — all taking meaningful steps toward a healthier and happier planet.
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Vermont, USA

In Person

Equal parts conference, festival and laboratory. An experimental & inclusive knowledge sharing adventure. Island camping. Lab-style sessions. Community dinners. Lake dips → Bonfire → Cold brews → Repeat ↩ Connect with a cosmic assortment of earthlings looking to better our planet, culture, and systems.



Tune in from wherever you are for 50+ new sessions and an opportunity to connect with thousands of new minds from around the globe. The summit is designed for interaction, so you won’t just be watching the show, you’ll be part of the action.

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What People are Saying

“It’s the best conference I’ve ever attended”
“Such a great program, great energy, great learning. I heard from a number of our members how amazing they found it.”
I received messages from people both within and new to my network because of the summit, and all with excitement. One person even told me he was pivoting his career prospects toward those with clear environmental impact as a result!”
“This could be the best virtual summit I've ever attended.”
“The advocacy talks were great. They pushed the boundaries and provided a healthy challenge for companies to consider.”
“The best thing about See Change was hearing the behind the scenes conversations between my professional idols.”
“I really enjoyed the topics discussed, the guests and speakers were amazing!”
“Great learning experience with a wide range of perspectives.  Really helped frame the industry.”
“...Truly inspirational speakers”
“There was a great amount of diversity in the information that was being shared.”
“Amazing concept, amazing idea, and perfect execution.”
“Great programming, great execution, great platform, great content. Was super impressed overall and really enjoyed the summit!”
“The Summit was amazing. I've been to plenty of environmental conferences over the past 40 years. This one was top 1 or 2. Many of the presenters were fantastic and see the way forward without established avenues with links to climate destroyers. Very cool. Very brave. And necessary.”

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