The Value of Discomfort: Creativity, Exploration and Unlearing Your Way to Transcendence

Jen Allum, Zoë Keating
Business/Entrepreneurship, Creativity/Storytelling, Inspiration/Empathy

— Zoë Keating – Composer & Performer
— Jen Allum – X, the moonshot factory, Head of Systemizing Radical Innovation

Creating something new and radical is often extremely uncomfortable. Leaning into that discomfort is an essential part of creating breakthroughs. In this session, Jen Allum will share how teams at X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory, explore the edges of innovation and create an environment where people feel safe enough to try the near impossible. Using music as a playground, Jen will share some of the frameworks that teams at X use as they create moonshot technologies and businesses. You'll also get to witness a musical experiment between worldwide composer and musician, Zoë Keating, and Jen. In this workshop you’ll be encouraged to embrace discomfort and trust the process. It might feel a bit weird…and that’s a good thing.


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