The Making of the Film: The Scale of Hope

Molly Kawahata, Josh "Bones" Murphy
Creativity/Storytelling, Environment/Climate, Leadership/Activism

Filmmaker Josh “Bones” Murphy and Molly Kawahata, former White House climate advisor and founder of Systemic Impact Strategies discuss the process of making their new film with Patagonia, The Scale of Hope, the power of a film to make change, and what’s moving them in the world right now.

Patagonia Presents: The Scale Of Hope: Former White House climate advisor Molly Kawahata reflects on her time in the Obama Administration, her personal struggle with mental health and her love of alpine climbing to create a positive vision of how we can respond to the climate crisis.

Speakers include:
— Molly Kawahata - Systemic Impact Strategies, Founder // Obama White House, Former Policy Advisor for Energy & Climate
— Josh 'Bones' Murphy - Liars & Thieves, Director/Producer


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