Imagination Nation: Pioneering a New Reality Through Entrepreneurship

Sarah Kjelleren, X. Eyeé
Business/Entrepreneurship, Creativity/Storytelling, Inspiration/Empathy

— X. Eyeé – Former Global Strategy Lead
— Sarah Kjelleren – Artist & Entrepreneur

What speaks to one person might just be a whisper to someone else. Discovering how we learn and what motivates us is a huge part of success and it's not always black and white, linear, or what is considered traditional. In this session, Sarah Kjelleren (Artist & Entrepreneur) interviews X. Eyeé (AI Ethicist / Former Global Strategy Lead of Responsible Innovation, Google) about their journey from a criminal background to entrepreneurial success at big tech companies like Microsoft and Google. They outline where they started and how they've shaped their small business and led teams through their own unique creativity and imagination.


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