How to Let Go of Your Climate Guilt

Stephen Posner, Molly Kawahata
Conservation/Sustainability, Leadership/Activism, Marketing & Communications

The story we've long been told is that climate change is too big and that we're too late. But in addition to policy challenges, climate change is largely a problem rooted in faulty communications and in ineffective narratives - and the emotions they've instilled in the public. Hear from Molly Kawahata, Founder of Systemic Impact Strategies, and Stephen Posner, Director of Policy with Gund Institute for Environment at The University of Vermont, to learn how to harness psychology to improve our climate communications, refocus the climate crisis around systemic change, and make the climate movement more inclusive.

Speakers include:
- Molly Kawahata - Systemic Impact Strategies / Obama White House, Founder / Former Policy Advisor for Energy & Climate
- Stephen Posner - The University of Vermont, Director of Policy with Gund Institute for Environment

This session was recorded during The Winter Summit, March 3-4, 2022.


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