Content Creators Making Change

Wade Holland, Abby Wren, Ronald Young Jr.
Business/Entrepreneurship, Creativity/Storytelling

— Ronald Young Jr. – Critically acclaimed audio producer, host, and storyteller 
— Abby Wren – Creative Makeup Artist
— Wade Holland – Creative Director

Modern media needs to meet people where they are to encourage action and sometimes that means deviating away from the “norm.” Hear from Ronald Young Jr. (critically acclaimed audio producer, host, & storyteller) as he interviews Abby Wren (Creative Makeup Artist) & Wade Holland (Creative Director) on how they reach their audience in unconventional ways. Both native digital creators and seasoned creatives, they root so much of their content creation in a celebration of originality. Together they have a strong appreciation for seeking out unique perspectives, experiences, and a vivacious passion for original storytelling.

Created in partnership with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


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