Climate Town: Making Global Issues Approachable

Ronald Young Jr., Rollie Williams
Community Building, Marketing & Communications

Modern media needs a facelift. Rollie Williams, comedian and creator of Climate Town, is on a mission to do just that — armed with a successful YouTube channel and his comedic lens, he’s repositioning big topics in a way that’s digestible and attainable. And, in turn he’s reaching a younger and highly-motivated audience. Shifting the “doomsday comms'' that modern media seems to favor into more palpable forms is key to meeting people where they are and encouraging action. Join Rollie Williams in conversation with Ronald Young Jr., audio producer, host, storyteller, and killer podcaster focused on deeply relatable stories (Vulture Magazine’s top podcasters to watch in 2023), to get inside Rollie's process and learn more about how his platform resonates with a broader audience.

— Rollie Williams (Comedian & Creator, Climate Town)
— Ronald Young Jr. (Audio producer, host, and storyteller)


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