Bridge the Gap to Gen-Z & Change Our Future

Justin Shaifer, Sarah Kjelleren
Creativity/Storytelling, Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion, Leadership/Activism, Marketing & Communications

We don't know how to move forward without envisioning what that future looks like. Justin Shaifer, otherwise known as "Mr. Fascinate," finds a way to speak to Gen Z, a generation he is still learning from, by getting on their level. With an impressive background in STEM and a passion to make the world a better place he believes we can bridge the gap between generations to shape a future that changes the way we view innovators and creators. Couple his background with Sarah Kjelleren's creative entrepreneurial instincts and you're bound to leave this Talk with a fresh outlook on life and a motivation to do more.

Speakers include:
- Sarah Kjelleren - Artist + Entrepreneur
- Justin Shaifer - Science TV Show Host | Keynote Speaker | LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology

This session was recorded during The Winter Summit, March 3-4, 2022.


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