Breaking Story to Break Barriers

Kristina Reed, Nina Stotler, Baillie Mishler, Lauryn Menard
Business/Entrepreneurship, Creativity/Storytelling, Inspiration/Empathy

— Lauryn Menard – Co-Founder & Creative Director, PROWL
— Baillie Mishler – Co-Founder & Design Director, PROWL
— Nina Stotler – Senior Strategy Consultant, The North Face & Reebok, Founder & CEO, The Museum of Earth
— Kristina Reed – Academy Award-winning Producer, Disney & Dreamworks, Chief Experience Officer, The Museum of Earth

How do great stories get made & how can you build yours? "Breaking story" is shorthand for the moment when theme, character and what's at stake become clear. Get an inside look at how Oscar-winning journeys are created and why breaking story is crucial for companies tackling complicated sustainability challenges. We'll walk through strategies to break our barriers to climate action by strengthening our own narratives.


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