Athletic Brewing: NA is Here to Stay

Bill Shufelt, Virginia Heffernan
Business/Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Communications

— Virginia Heffernan – Journalist, Critic, & Author
— Bill Shufelt – Co-Founder and CEO, Athletic Brewing Company

It seems like there's a new non-alcoholic beverage lurking around every corner. Whether you’re at the family BBQ or out on the town, NA is here to stay. The alcohol industry is changing and with better-than-before NA options, demand for these non-boozy varieties is on the rise. Hear from Bill Shufelt, co-founder of industry-leading Athletic Brewing, in conversation with Virgina Heffernan, a journalist, cultural critic & author and called one of the “best living writers of English prose” as they discuss this new shift in drinking culture, the NA beverage industry at large, and Athletic’s role in all of it.


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