Aquality App: Helping Small Farmers Mitigate Water Issues | IBM

Sjoerd van der Meulen, Klaas Schenk, Michelle ten Pas, Evelina Pärnerud, Rob Wisener, Annette Beems, Joachim Rozemeijer
Conservation/Sustainability, Environment/Climate, Innovation/Green Tech

— Klaas Schenk – Farmer | Anna Paulowna, NL
— Sjoerd van der Meulen – LTO Noord
— Joachim Rozemeijer – Deltares
— Annette Beems – Water Board Hollands Nooderwartier
— Rob Wisener – Project Lead, IBM
— Evelina Pärnerud – CSR Leader Northern Europe, IBM
— Michelle ten Pas – UX Design Consultant, IBM

Water is an essential part of life; its fundamental role is such that the United Nations recognizes access to water as a human right. To grow crops, most farmers use fertilizers, which together with manure from livestock causes severe nitrate losses to surface water, which is harmful to the ecosystem and our drinking water. To address this threat, Deltares created the Aquality app to help identify hot spots of nitrate losses to surface water and measurement tools for salinity (EC) and more. With the IBM Sustainability Accelerator, IBM offers Deltares their expertise in user experience design to accelerate the uptake of the Aquality app. This short film is narrated through the voices of the small farmer(s) who are using the app in an effort to better understand and mitigate their impact on nitrate losses in relation to surface water.

Presented by IBM.



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