MAPS PBC & Burton: Building an Impact-Driven Brand in Psychedelics

Ali Kenney, Amy Emerson
Business/Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Communications

Launching a new product comes with its own nuances but introducing a new product in a non-existent industry brings even bigger challenges. The MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC) is a clinical stage company dedicated to changing the way mental health conditions are treated. As MAPS PBC finds its footing, they’re examining what it means to achieve public benefit and taking notes from other impact-driven, industry leading (and forming!) brands like Burton Snowboards. Burton was one of the founders of the snowboarding industry and remains a globally leading brand that has truly stood the test of time. Hear from Amy Emerson (CEO, MAPS PBC) in conversation with Donna Carpenter (CEO, Burton Snowboards) and Ali Kenney (Chief Strategy Officer, Burton Snowboards) as they discuss what it’s like to build an impact-driven brand in uncharted territory.

— Ali Kenney (Chief Strategy Officer, Burton Snowboards)
— Donna Carpenter (Chair of the Board & Owner, Burton)
— Amy Emerson (CEO, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation)


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