Youth Activists Challenge CEOs to Re-frame Problem Solving

Joe Hobbs, Dave Rapaport, Raphael Bemporad
Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion, Leadership/Activism, Marketing & Communications

You don't know what you don't ask. For companies to stay relevant with the next generation, it's time to dismantle our old ways of working and invite diverse voices into the conversation who can help us re-evaluate how we think about the problems we face and work together to solve them.

To meet this moment of urgent and transformative change, we must unite wisdom and creativity across generations to challenge assumptions and turn brave truths into leadership opportunities. Intergenerational design draws on the resources, ideas, and the creativity of each other - not just the business leaders but the youth with the courage, creativity, and cultural influence to unlock new thinking.

Join business leaders and youth climate activists to discuss their toughest questions. Walk away from this candid and vulnerable conversation with inspiration from leaders willing to take on this honest conversation as well as a framework of questions you should ask yourself as you continue on your climate journey, personally and/or at your company.

Speakers include:
- Raphael Bemporad - BBMG, Founding Partner
- Joe Hobbs - Climate Activist
- Dave Rapaport - Ben & Jerry's, Social Mission Office

This session was recorded during The Winter Summit, March 3-4, 2022.


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