How to Make Progress by Working Through Political Differences

Phil Henderson,Graham Zimmer,Aaron Mike,Kitty Calhoun,Steve Hemkens
Inspiration/Empathy,Leadership/Activism,Marketing & Communications,Community Building

We know the Outdoor State doesn't all fall on one side of the political spectrum and is almost evenly split between Democrat, Republican and Independent. For us to take on this global challenge, we need to find more ways to build bridges and bring people in regardless of political affiliation. This conversation brings together thought leaders to help us learn and develop ways to connect and understand progressive, moderate and conservative perspectives about how to act on climate change.
Speakers include:
- Steve Hemkens - Orvis, VP of Fishing, Hunting & Dog
- Kitty Calhoun - Protect Our Winters, POW Speaker
- Aaron Mike - Natives Outdoors, Native Lands Coordinator - Access Fund and Rock Climbing Athlete
- Graham Zimmer - POW Athlete Alliance Manager, Professional Climber + Content Producer + Vocal Climate Activist
- Phil Henderson - Climber, Educator, Volunteer

This session was recorded during The Winter Summit, March 3-4, 2022.


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