Electric Vehicle Founders/CEOs Talk the Future of Vehicle Design

Samuel Bruneau, Kate Williams, Kyle Clark
Innovation/Green Tech, Business/Entrepreneurship

What happens when two pioneers of electric vehicles get together? Innovation. Facilitated by Kate Williams, hear from Kyle Clark (CEO and Founder of the electric aerospace company Beta Technologies developer of the all-electric Alia aircraft) and Samuel Bruneau (CEO and Co-Founder of Taiga Motors, developer of the new Orca electric jet ski) on their journeys to shape the future of vehicle design.

Speakers include:
— Kyle Clark - BETA Technnologies, Founder and CEO
— Samuel Bruneau - Taiga Motors, CEO and Co-Founder
— Kate Williams [moderator] - 1% for the Planet, CEO

This session was released at The Summer Summit, Sept. 13-15, 2022.


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