See Change Speaker: Taylor Godber

To fall in love with winter is to experience it, at least that’s what happened to Taylor Godber. Cruising on her snowboard and gliding through the quiet trees provides a certain solace that the bustling city life seems to muffle. Surrounded by a transplant of people from around the world with a passion to spend as much time in nature as possible, Taylor Godber was able to create her own mountain community in Whistler, CO. Godber is a professional snowboarder and climate activist who has built a life around the mountains. She goes to them to be inspired, to clear her head, and connect with the inner beats of her heart and the greater world. To Godber, the mountains are her escape, a place that offers her the chance to accept loss, overcome challenges, and contemplate the fragility of life. She’s able to find balance in the outdoors thanks to her greatest teacher, Mother Nature.

Being an active member of the outdoor community she has seen first-hand the effects of climate change on the environment. Melting snowcaps, erosion, erratic and harsh weather and are just a few of the patterns she’s seen more recently. There isn’t one definitive thing that has thrown all these effects into motion, on the contrary, a multitude of accumulating actions from humans have changed the environment. But just as we’ve produced these detrimental effects, we can come together and work to reverse them. Balance is something that Godber works towards in her daily life and we should actively practice and invite into our lives. We can take notes from nature to find a better balance in what we take and give back to the environment.

The decisions we make in our day-to-day lives makes a big difference to the bigger picture. Godber continues to showcase her passion for the environment by inspiring others to take action and re-envision the ways we interact with the world. In her storytelling session at the See Change Sessions coming this March 24th and 25th, Godber will explain how she fell in love with winter, how the communities she’s built have become her family and teachers, and how if we collectively come together we can beat the climate crisis. Reignite your spark for snow by purchasing your ticket to the See Change Sessions today!