See Change Speaker: Jake Blauvelt

Jake Blauvelt is a North Face athlete born and raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Growing up he frequented snowboarding at Bolton Valley and Stowe, where he perfected his technical riding and massive air. Throughout his teens, he competed in slopestyle and halfpipe competitions and at just age 17 he won 1st place at the U.S. Open Slopestyle in 2004. His passion for snowboarding led him to go a bit more out of bounds, where he found his new home, the backcountry. Exploring the expansive mountain provided plenty of fresh lines and challenging terrain that put his imagination and creativity to the test.

He’s become a master of powder and style riding out on the West coast with its infamous deep snow but has most recently made his way back to Vermont where he lives with his two young daughters and wife. Together, Blauvelt and his wife, Kristin founded a non-profit organization, the Mountain Light Project, a free youth avalanche and backcountry education for children and young adults.

Not only does Blauvelt spark passion and safety into the younger generation, but he also stands behind the climate crisis. In February of 2020, he started the inaugural Blauvelt’s Bank, a competition held at Bolton Valley where all proceeds from the event went to Protect Our Winters. Blauvelt also takes a stand on political issues by being one of the many fired-up snowboarders to make their voices heard on staying in the Paris Climate Agreement.

As an athlete, Blauvelt has had the chance to explore and discover what it's like to be immersed in snow. He’s become a champion in many arenas, whether that’s slopestyle, the backcountry, activism, or fatherhood, and continues to be a positive force as a speaker at the See Change Sessions. There, he will give a glimpse into what it means to fall in love with winter and how we can invigorate change as a collective. To learn more about Jake Blauvelt, be sure to grab your ticket to the See Change Sessions: ON SNW coming this March 24th and 25th.