See Change Speaker: Caroline Gleich

It takes all of us to combat the climate crisis. We can’t fight climate change alone. While changing some of the actions we take in our daily lives to lessen our carbon footprint is commendable and something we all should be doing, it is just drops in the bucket compared to how much carbon emissions corporations produce. In fact, 71% of emissions come from 100 companies, a study finds. Caroline Gleich, a professional ski mountaineer, endurance athlete, and activist for the environment and equality, is no stranger to the outdoors and the effect climate change is having on it. On average, the amount of snow that falls on the West has dropped by 41% since the early 1980s. Gleich has climbed and skied some of the tallest peaks, becoming the first woman to ski all 90 lines in the Chuting Gallery with some of the steepest lines in the Wasatch in 2017 and most recently successfully summiting Mount Everest with a fully torn ACL. Occupying these outdoor spaces, Gleich has come to appreciate and realize just how beautiful and fragile the Earth is.

In Gleich’s fight to end climate change she tackles environmental activism. She’s traveled to Washington, D.C. where she testified to both the Senate and the House of Representatives on the issue of climate change. In an interview with The Ski Journal, Gleich explains that it is important to keep the pressure on big corporations and government, adding, “climate change is a structural issue, so we need structural change.” Gleich continues to advocate for the environment at the local and national level leading rallies and championing inspiration amongst other athletes and everyday people to make the world a better place. As an ambassador for Protect Our Winters, she educates the outdoor recreation community on the systemic policy changes needed to reduce greenhouse emissions and make long-lasting changes to the environment.

All of the work that Caroline Gleich exhibits makes her a key speaker at the See Change Sessions. At the See Change Sessions, Gleich will explore her love for winter and what it takes to protect it, as part of the Falling in Love with Winter Sessions. She will explain the importance of transitioning to renewable energy for the future and encourage others to join in the fight. To learn more about Caroline Gleich and her story, tune into the See Change Session: ON SNW coming this March 24th and 25th. Tickets on sale now!