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Ken Lucas is a See Change Speaker

Most winter-sports advocates are skiers, snowboarders, or snowshoeing aficionados, but Ken Lucas goes the extra miles with a less familiar sport: snowkiting. Snowkiting allows you to get pulled up the mountain by kite, giving you more range than any splitboard or skins will be able to. With the help of a kite and the wind, you’re able to soar up a 3,000-foot mountain in as little as twenty minutes. Lucas and his friends took their kitesurfing hobby to the hills one day, strapping into his kite and clicking into his skis. From there, snowkiting as we know it was born.

With 25 years of experience, Lucas has explored many different snowkite locations -- Iceland, Pakistan, New Zealand, Europe, and more. Lucas explains how this sport has become one of his most enjoyable hobbies. Using ripstop nylon and several 80-foot control lines that connect the kite to the skier, he’s able to explore new backcountry spaces using only wind- and man-power. As the skier goes down the mountain, they can steer and power the kite using the control bar attached to the skier with a climbing-style harness, allowing you to lap all your friends on their skins or splitboard any day. And, what’s even more unique to snowkiting is you can not only use the kite to ski down the mountain but also up all on a wind-powered kite.

Join Ken Lucas, Kit Deslauriers, Chuck Patterson, Kyle Clark, Kate Williams, and more at See Change Sessions: ON SNW this March 24th and 25th, 2021. Lucas will tell his story of how he fell in love with winter and the importance of protecting these cold-weather spaces. He’ll bring you through the blustery days on Col du Lautaret in France to the mountains right here in New England, though he believes Alaska has the most suitable terrain for snowkiting. In this session, he’ll explain the sport's thrills and tribulations and how he’s worked to overcome them. What makes snowkiting so monumental, though, in terms of climate-consciousness, is that it is entirely wind-powered--no chairlift, helicopter, or snowmobile required to get uphill. The future of skiing and snowboarding is wind-powered, and this is just the beginning.

So, grab your neck gaiter and finest skis and tune into Ken Lucas’s storytelling session about snowkiting and how you can get involved. Purchase your tickets for the inaugural See Change Sessions: ON SNW today, on sale now!